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Friday, November 25, 2011

Go Blue: Michigan Vs. Ohio State

Well well well... here we are. Its the last game of the regular season.

Michigan and Ohio State this Saturday noon at the Big House here in Ann Arbor.

Yes this is the game that we wait all year for. This is the game that both programs wait all year for. This is the game who's importance can not be overstated.

A game that brings mind to the likes of "Yost", "Woody", "Bo",  "Tressel" and "Moller" and "Carr."

This is the game that will cement Hoke's legendary status as the coach who in his first year once again brought the Maize and Blue back to prominence or will take us deeper down the rabbit hole.
The Buckeyes are on the ropes and the Wolverines are hungry for revenge for the last seven losses. The winds of change are in the air for the first time in years. Usually an underdog has a certain appeal but Tressels transgressions have cast a shadow so long that even the most ardent of Buckeye fans can not look you in the eye much less pull together to form a threat. This is the brass ring and it is Michigan's for the taking.

Michigan has the talent, the drive, the home field advantage yet this is a rivalry game, and as such it is a game you can throw all of that out of the window. ANYTHING can happen. As such this game can not be taken for granted by the Michigan faithful. In short, this is THE game and we have to bring it all to the table.

Suddenly Hoke and the program stand at the door of new era of Michigan dominance, we just need to punch it through.

This will be the 108th meeting since the rivalry began in 1935 between Michigan and "that team from Ohio" and while every game has been important I would argue that NONE were more important than the contest that will take place tomorrow.

Tomorrow under partly cloudy shies, it is supposed to be a perfect 55 deg. at kickoff. The rain has been pushed of until Sunday as if mother nature herself knows just how important this game is.

This is the game we have been waiting for... all season.
This is the game we have been waiting for all decade.



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