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Friday, November 25, 2005

To Mother Nature: We get it already its cold

OK feels like "1" give me a break.
More like feels like Hell, if hell froze over it would “feel like 1”.
What you just want to taunt us with one. Why not zero. What is that too cruel?
Ok this is nuts, anything below 15 degrees is just too f’n cold. You might as well have 100-15drgree thermometer then just f’n cold below that.

And thanksgiving, are you kidding me? You had to pick the one day I have off this whole month to show just how low you can dip the mercury.

Thanksgiving? Here is something to be thankful for, unless you are here or ANTARTICA, its probably warmer where you are at, give thanks. I mean the Indians gave there lives so we could have the land because they knew HOW COLD IT GETS IN THE WINTER. Later they built casinos with furnaces because THEY KNEW it was f’n clold here in the Midwest.

Ha Ha, you have our land, but we traded up from teepees to heated casinos. You ever try to sleep in a teepee when it “feels like 1”.

And with today’s fuel prices, yeah I cant wait to see how much my bill is just to keep it warm enough in my house to keep the coffee from freezing when I set it down for more than one second.

Oh and before you write in and complain:
Note this is for comedic/satirical purposes only. This in no way was meant to belittle, demean or otherwise disgrace the noble native American Indian, or any other person or persons due to race, religion or other affiliation.


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