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Monday, February 13, 2006

2006 Winter Olympic Snoozefest

Dear NBC big shots, lots of people are talking about your coverage of the Olympics.

Want to know what the talk around the water cooler is about?

Everyone enjoys the “Joy of victory” stuff you are blasting out on the airwaves, What’s missing… Hmmm. Where is “The agony of defeat”? I mean its cool to see the winner and all but we want to see the guy with a lot of promise that totally screws the pooch and has a yard sale of ski equipment on the north slope.

Or the guy that looses his footing and drops the girl on her ass after totally missing the queue as they slide across the ice.

Or the bobsled that finishes the last 20 yards dragging the last man out.

We don’t want to see anyone get hurt per se we just want to see that not every athlete is perfect and you know how America loves its bloopers.

Come on now…. Take a page from ABC’s playbook and show us some stuff we can say “oh dammmnnn” about, as we sit our American butts on the couch and watch the winter games.


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