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Friday, February 17, 2006

Chaney Leaves His Mark

I was really just going to leave this one alone. I have been going back and forth all week about this, I mean to take a SHOT at the VP would be to easy of a TARGET.

I mean OBVIOUSLY this was an accident how can you possibly mistake a 78 year old lawyer for a game bird. Further more, no one in there right mind would shoot a lawyer with bird shot, you’d use a slug.

Besides I think that Whittington guy was asking for it, dressing up in that bird suit and hopping round like that. Besides, walking around with arguably the most dangerous man in the world with a firearm… why don’t you just jump in the lions den why don’t ya?

Bottom line, we may never know what really happened, I mean Whittington probably reached for a shell and Chaney mistook it for an uranium enrichment program, and had to just stop him then and there. Sometimes you just can’t stop and wait for good intelligence, you just have to jump in and start shooting.


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