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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Move over Amp’d: Hello Helio

New phone service and self-proclaimed hipster haven Helio has just launched. I had one of my famous rants all ready to go about this and what I expected and what I did not expect but instead I am just going to say this:

I hope it turns out to be better then the much touted AMPD.

You remember AMPD right? It’s the phone service reselling on the Verizon that I did rant about (here) with a similar business plan that lat time I heard was struggling to make ends meet and still losing money on their Itunes matching music downloads (according to

Whatever the outcome I am glad to see innovation in something as there seems to be a lack of that lately. If you call piggybacking on someone else’s network, and rolling out a business plan that is suspiciously similar to another recent struggling launch aimed at the same demographic with “few” phone to chose from INNOVATION.

Whatever the outcome I am glad to see activity out there. That is if you call acitvity.... wait i will just stop there. No ranting I promised.


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