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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Super GPS On The Cheap

One of my favorite technologies is GPS. I love those satellites up there, letting me know where I am….

But I have not ever been happy with the receivers I have had over the years. I have had everything from a cheap Etrex to an expensive Garmin 296 (which I still have and works sweet in the plane BTW) my biggest gripes: screen size and lack of maps.

A while ago, I read an article about this Garmin GPS 18 Deluxe USB receiver for your laptop, I think it was in Pop-Sci… anyhow I filed it under “thinks to look into” and months later… I bought one. It cost me just over $100.00

Garmin + my tablet pc = love.

It came with software that was a breeze to use and a cd with all the DETAILED (I mean really detailed) maps I could want. I had to whip up this goofy looking wood bracket in the wood shop and sure it covers my radio, but damn… this thing works awesome.

It talks to you in a pleasant female voice; it is so intuitive and picks up satellites like it was its job. And the screen… finally big enough to see.

Extra bonus… you can watch dvds when you know where you are going and want to be totally distracted. (seriously do not attempt while driving)

Extra extra bonus… PC in the car. Need I Say more.


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