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Sunday, October 29, 2006

You Really Screwed Up This Time Sony Ericsson.

Ok this phone thing has really got my feathers ruffled. I am telling you something I am so brand loyal usually my middle name should be CONSUMER. I know that I have ranted about this before but now that the invented the new memory stick micro (m2) rendering my memory stick duo all but useless I have been forced to look at other phones.

I found one.

This Nokia has caught my eye: the N80.

This phone seems to have everything… and more then Ericsson’s 790a.

Including a 3mp camera and here is the best thing… WIFI. I mean WIfreekingFI I would pay more just for that and here is the best thing yet: its less expensive.

Should have never made a new memory standard Sony, this one might just be my next phone.


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