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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Please People, Take Care of Your Shit.

Actual conversation, the names have been withheld to protect the challenged.

Woman: Hi Im Here at the car dealer, getting a new car.

Me: OK, did you know your last insurance canceled months ago.

Woman: Yes, that’s OK though I Was not driving.

Me: Ummm, not really it would be better so show continuous insurance. You realize that your license was suspended when it cancelled months ago.

Woman: Yes, I never took care of that because I was not driving.

Me: OK well, have to have that reinstated to get car insurance, give me your license number so I can run it.

Woman: You don’t have it?

Me: Not anymore, as I said, you insurance canceled months ago, due to privacy concerns we do not keep your private info… do you not have it?

Woman: Not on me.

Me: Can you get it.

Woman: Well (man’s name) is really buying the car. Does that matter.

Me: Yes it matters, we have him listed as your x-husband and out of the home for your renters insurance.

Woman: What address do you show?

Me: (her address on file)

Woman: Oh, I don’t live there anymore, that was three addresses ago. We bought a duplex.

Me: OK well you have to tell us when you move, also, bought a home?

Woman: Yes, well we are buying it. Going to buy it.

Me: You need home insurance, then… before we go any further can you call me back with your info for your and your spouses licence.

Woman: So there is nothing you can just fax me, like proof of insurance right now.

Me: Not really, as I have stated your insurance lapsed months ago…

Ok I could go on but it was 5 more minutes of crazy with her finally agreeing to call me back. Please people don’t be surprised when you don’t take car of your shit that it causes you problems.


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