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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Recently ...Just Recently

Someone I know that prides himself in being a manly man… just discovered that it was I that played a practical joke on him. It involved this princess ball, a ½ tube of super glue and a previously manly f250 pickup antenna.

Even though I had admitted to being the perpetrator years ago in a drunken confession, apparently he had no idea until last night when I reminded him. He must have had more to drink than I did that night. This happened YEARS ago and still makes me chuckle as he did drive around with this thing on his truck for a week before he noticed. (I wondered why those girls were laughing at me!)

I am leaving his name out, for now, but he has vowed to avenge his pride. I hope for his sake he is not that stupid… Let it go princess, Just let it go.


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