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Monday, January 15, 2007

Bathroom Remodel Rules

This weekend I helped Barb G. with a little bathroom remodel. Quickly declaring the room a disaster, a complete tear down to the studs was in order. Only having one full bath, this means that this would have to be done by the end of the weekend, no pressure mind you. I thought it was a good time for me to take a few moments to share my bathroom remodel rules for one and all to enjoy.

1. If you haven’t found a 7 inch drain pipe crammed into a 6 inch wall, well you just aren’t looking hard enough. (Pictured)

2. Your long weekend will not be long enough, but your short weekend will still be to short.

3. Old + plumbing = headache

4. No matter how much you plan, you will make an unexpected trip to the hardware.

5. It will be harder than it looks, you will get mad, and you will remember why you don’t do this sort of thing for a living.

For those of you that DO this for a living, my hat off to you my friend. For the rest of us weekend warriors, these are the kind for project meant to humble us to a primordial state of quivering goo, praying that Lowe’s doesn’t close before you get the 1 ¼ gasket that you need to compete the sink so you can get something running besides your eye that wont stop since that lead based paint chip has been lodged in there five min. into the project. (Partially true story)


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