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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tennis Trap Tempts Tenacious Tanner

Tanner, the luckiest Dog in the world, loves the park. She should as we spend about an hour there every day just for her. Rain, Shine, Freezing cold, there is almost nothing that would keep us from the park.

But of all the seasons, summer is by far the best. I am not talking about the stinking hot temperatures. No.

It is for the tennis.

No we don’t really play per-se. What we do is collect tennis balls. You see the uber-genius who designed this cage match of poor sportsman ship and incompetence was short sighted enough to place it near these rather large overgrown mismanaged planting you see here. Being a huge fan of all things yellow and bouncy (cant even take her to the beach on yellow bikini day) and having a nose that would make the best bloodhound envious, she can ferret one or two Dunlop specials from the reeds and foliage. You could say she is a classically trained retriever. She loves her tennis balls affectionately known to her as her “bird” to the point that we have a couple dozen in the back of my truck at any given time. This is fine with me, more ammo for the Hyperdog slingshot.

Proving once and for all a bird in the hand is better than two in the brush (sic).


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