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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Big Cat

Ok we are way up here in the middle of nowhere. This morning we got up
and found this print in the sandy driveway outside the cabin. From the
size and shape, Likely cougar. Yikes.
Hiawatha national forest has at lest one big cat around.


There seems to be some debate as to if this is a canine (IE Wolf) and or feline (cougar) print and to that I say... whatever it was it was a monster the likes of I would not like to run into and in was obviously 50 yards away from where we were sleeping.

I found an identification page that seemed to be inconclusive, it does have some characteristics of the feline print: larger heal pad, slightly more round that oval, if you draw line between the toes the lines cross inside the heal pad... but some canine characteristics like: can see the claws that usually you do not on a cat unless its running, the more symmetrical toes... honestly I am not sure. All I really know is it was BIG.

Any way I did some checking and found this article *HERE* and we were in the middle of the woods not far from there. So I know here have been some big cats in the area. Every year up there we see something crazy. This year was no excetpion.


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