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Saturday, November 08, 2008


After what I thought may have been only chance to win for the rest of the season went down in the books as a stunning loss to Purdue….

We set our sights on the Minnesota, away. I had been thinking a lot this week about what has been going on. Coach Rodriguez was quoted this week as saying:

The team remembers that they are "for the Little Brown Jug, playing for themselves, playing for their teammates and playing for Michigan." And as Rodriguez said "that’s a lot to play for."

Then a thought occurred to me. What is the one thing that he could to do get back on the good side of the Michigan fans…. Beat Ohio State.

What if… just bear with me…this season has been a big ploy… roll them out slow, get the momentum going the year is trashed… but beat Ohio and you are excused. What if Rodriguez has been sand bagging a bit, knowing he would be on the south side of 6 wins but making everything about beating Ohio in the end on a cold day in November. In their house with odds against you. Beat them and your season will be… well lets say not a complete disaster.

Lets face it Bo was not a god because of his winning record, he did well but he never took us to a National Championship. Bo was a coaching legend because he often found a way to beat Ohio. Something Carr had trouble doing.

So there you go, nothing against the contest today. Lets win. It will be good for moral. Lets be honest though, the coach the team the fans should all be eating breathing, thinking: How can we beat Ohio


At 11:21 AM, Blogger Beano said...

Nice Game! Brown Jug belongs in MI anyway.


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