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Monday, April 13, 2009

What The...

Did I wake up in the wrong century?

Today’s CNN headline:

Pirates vow to kill U.S., French sailors

Now I know that there has been a rash of pirates off the cost of Africa and other places for a while now, but really. Pirates? The took on the US navy and are mad because there brothers in arms got killed? Really? Now they are mad, that they were killed while holding an American citizen hostage, in international waters? Pirates?

Ok forget the absurdity for a moment. I mean we sent some fricken battle cruisers in for the love of …. I mean I don’t care how bad ass you are but we HAVE A NAVY.

But I mean if you are going to embrace the lifestyle of a Pirate, I think chance of death has to be pretty high up on the list of things I am considering when I am going down this particular career path. I don’t really think you can feel bad about getting killed in the line of doing your job, if you can call it that. I mean that is what could happen you are not sitting behind a desk exactly now are you?

So now they are mad and U.S. and France? France? What that F do you expect countries to do WHEN YOU STEAL THEIR BOATS AND TAKE PEOPLE HOSTAGE? Negations only work for so long then just like you pirates, it becomes about he money… lets see re-tasking two battle cruisers, negotiation team, lost time, effort…. Millions. Cost of killing three pirates once we are on scene…. Less then $5 worth of ammo. I think you get the picture, even you are not that stupid.

So for all you current and would be pirates out there, you had a good run but time to hang up the eye patch. Or continue at your own risk, just don’t come crying when someone gets hurt because you are running around with automatic weapons causing a big fuss.


At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Josh said...

I've heard the phrase "one man's pirate is another man's coast guard" a lot recently.

I think that buddies of pirates upset with deaths is on par with a suicide bomber's family looking into life insurance.

At 2:12 PM, Blogger Beano said...

Coast guard... interesting. I think these fellows are doing more than guarding the coast.


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