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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Overheard at the office:

Woman: I am calling you back; I got a post card in the mail to call.

Me: Let me look… it was just a payment reminder… but don’t worry we received a payment it just crossed… you are all set you only owe $5 and that will be added to your next bill. So you’re good.

Woman: FIVE DOLLARS why did you raise my bill $5.

Me: (already regretting bringing up the $5. I could hear the chip on her shoulder) it just appears that you paid a couple dollars short.

Woman: I am tired of you guys always raising the fees.

Me: Actually, we have not raised our fees, it just appears you did not pay the right amount.

Woman: (crazy gloves are coming off) I am tired of you cheating me, now I am going to have to watch you all the time. I cant trust you any more. It was only supposed to be 2 or 3 dollars not 5.

Me: I am looking at your billing history and it appears you did not pay the set up fee of $2 and the regular 1.4ly billing fee of $3.00. Its just a flat fee that is it. So…. It is what we said it was.

Woman: I know I paid it the fee the first time and what was due the second time.

Me: What do you show you paid?

Woman: I don’t need to know what I paid, I know me and I always pay what I am supposed to pay. So I had to have paid the fee. I always pay online.

Me: It looks like you are putting the wrong account number on it, that I why it was delayed,… I show you paid the first bill short then…

Woman: (Interrupting) DON’T TALK DOWN TO ME.

Me: (Ahem) I am not talking down to you I am just trying to explain to you…

Woman: (Interrupting) I always pay online, like anyone who knows what they are doing,

with the right account number.

Me : Whey you pay on a payment plan there is an account number other then your policy number because you can have more than one policy on your…


Me: We don’t really call you, but your account number is on you bill.


Me: *sigh* Let me just give you the account number so next time…

Woman: I am not happy with the customer service here, and you raised my fees.

Me: I am sorry you feel that way, but again the fees are just a flat amount, like we said…

Woman: I have had this problem before….I am going to shop around *click*

Me: *sigh*

Best quote I just ran into on the web: " I hate giving into stupid people, but lets face it, they rule the world."



At 3:04 AM, Blogger Fatgracdaddy said...

I have some winner stupid stories....


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