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Monday, August 22, 2011

Hanging out in Chicago has its benefits....

Moving the girl into her apartment we were tired and ready for a quick meal. I noticed nearby this bar and grill looking place so I suggested we just get I quick bite there after a long day.
Little did I know that we were stumbling into one of Chicago's new hipster hot spots simply called "Frontier" (AKA "Frontier lounge", AKA "The Frontier")

Our experience was much like the reviews a little hit and miss. It started out slow and they were out of a few things. The sever was not impressed with the girls request for a custom salad but once the food was finally served. WOW it was really good. The Smoked beef brisket Reuben I had was simply amazing. Even the Frontier burger and fries were good.

We did not read the reviews ahead of time, nor did we know that this was such a popular new place. I am glad we did not know anything as this was a chance to experience it without expectations. Was it a perfect experience?
Would I go Back?

For what its worth I even look forward to it.
If you are in the city look it up for yourself.
If you do , let me know what you think.


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