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Monday, August 15, 2011

Bad Dream?

The other night I had a bad dream.
Not just a dream but a super realistic sequence of events.
I would wake, realize I was dreaming, go back to sleep and pick up right where I left off. Like a movie. I get these kind of dreams every so often. This one was particularly disturbing as I was a wanted man. Being chased by the police, not directly at first but I was involved in some nefarious happenings and I could feel the noose slowly tightening as they narrowed the search and closed in on me. Until I was arrested. I almost expected it and I waited for it to happen until it did. It was a dismal version of this world.
It was like my current life, same people just slightly different roles.
It was just like watching another version of my self going through things that seem totally unrealistic to my life I live now yet...
Yet somehow it was still familiar.
When I finally woke for the day I was relieved.
It took a while to shake the weird feeling of the dream. I woke with the memory of every detail.

Maybe dreams are not dreams but a glimpse into another universe. 
Almost like our current one, just slightly different.


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