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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last night my phone went dark and my entire world came crashing down.

It started last night.  I was putting myself to bed when I updated some apps before I shot some Stupid Zombies and let myself drift off to sleep.

That is when it happened. My phone re-booted and then would not come back. It was stuck in an obvious cycle of boot, crash, boot crash it was maddening. Before you say “did you turn it on and off again?” That was the very first thing I did. I pulled the battery. Then I pulled the memory card.
Then the sim.
Then I let it rest.
Rebooted then crashed.
Again and again and again.
I had an old phone somewhere but screw it I was not happy so I decided to wait till morning to solve it.
Before you say your iPhone would never crash, BS I had one, it can crash. They all can crash.
They are just computers after all.

It was now way past Zombie time and into bed time and for sure I was to tired to mess with it more. I had to leave the battery out and go to sleep.
It was weird.
For the first time in a long time I was disconnected from the outside world. What I someone tried to call me? (gasp) I even had to set an alarm CLOCK because the damn thing even wakes me up.
I went to sleep uneasy but woke no different than usual. I reminded the girl not to call me until I remedied the situation and went in a little early with intent to fix the problem.

Here is the thing… it was oddly liberating.
I did not have a phone.  I did not know what the temperature was exactly, it was just pleasant.  I did not know who had emailed me, it could wait. I did not know who updated their status, or texted me… I was just by myself driving.
It was kind of nice.
When did the phone take over my life? It sure was sneaky, I didn’t even notice it.
I learned something today. The phone is not my life.
The phone messing up reminded me I did not need it.
The are useful, they can be fun, but in the end… they are just computers after all.

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