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Monday, February 20, 2006

Presidential No-Fly Zone

Whenever the President is in town, its like the Super Bowl…. There is a no fly zone enacted

Today, in Michigan this was the case.

At 4:35 pm my friend Ron called to let me know that he was watching some moron in s Cessna being engaged by F16 over us 23 and I96. This genius apparently did not get his flight briefing before deciding to go up today. Or, and maybe worse “wandered into” the no fly zone.

Good job buddy, in a post 911 world just break the rules. They are really more like guidelines really? I mean I am sure they wont shoot you down or nothing…
(see my post

Stop huffin the AV fuel dude, and get your head out of your ass.

Besides its not like it makes the rest of us responsible pilots look like morons, now does it. Good job guy (or girl), I love to hear stories like that.

Best part, my friend was watching it live telling me that the bone headed biscuit brain was not responding to the fighter jets engagement. Meaning he did not appear to be acknowledging the f16 clear signals to follow him to. I mean there are specific steps to let the jet know you will comply so you don’t get shot down…

(from the

Q: What are the exact procedures published in the Aeronautical Information Manual that pilots are to follow if intercepted?

An aircraft which is intercepted by another aircraft shall immediately:

Follow the instructions given by the intercepting aircraft, interpreting and responding to the visual signals….

…A pilot who enters prohibited or restricted airspace and does not comply with the military intercept procedures could be shot down as a last resort.


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