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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Its A Numbers Game

Let me set the scene for you.

It’s a radio call in program where you call in and vote for one of two songs that are up against each other in the battle of “the peoples choice”

Then some guy calls in :

D.J. “Hello who do you vote for…”

Caller “ Uh, Yeah, I’d Like to vote”

D.J. “Ok is it Yellow Card or (I forgot the other song)”

Caller: “Two votes please, one for each from me and my girlfriend.”

D.J. “OK… splitting them up.”

And on to the next call….

OK here is the deal… When you are have two songs, up against each other and you vote for each song… YOUR VOTES CANCEL EACH OTHER OUT. That’s right genius, you just waited on the line for who knows how long, to let everyone know that you DEFINATLY DID NOT major in math.

Perhaps you were confused, that’s OK that cell phone is so shiny and those beepy noises it makes is so distracting I am just glad you remembered why you called at all.

Take heart my non-number crunching friend; at least you were not the girl that called in later for the wrong contest.



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