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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

South Park In The News Again

Speaking of TV, did you see this? Right from CNN/Reuters.

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Actor Tom Cruise threatened to boycott promotion of his upcoming Paramount Pictures film unless a sister cable TV network pulled a "South Park" rerun lampooning the Church of Scientology, industry sources said on Friday…

…Representatives for Paramount and Cruise, a prominent Scientologist, denied he made any such threats or had anything to do with the Comedy Central network canceling plans to air a repeat of the "South Park" episode titled "Trapped in the Closet," on Wednesday.

1) If its true, and my sources do say that the re-run was tanked, then Tom is even more weasely than I thought. My god man if you did this admit it.

2) I have a feeling that, in one of the funniest episodes ever, Tom was a little more offended by the “trapped in the closet” reference, again man say what you are really mad about.

3) If this is true, and I have little doubt it is… the Scientology thing has gotten way out of hand.

Tom: we are not saying you are gay or that we really even care it you are gay or what kind of religion you adhere to. What we do say is those under the celebrity micro-scope should not say one thing, then appear to do another. This make you look shifty at best, if your gay be gay, if you are straight be straight, hell if you play for both teams, go for it. Just be honest and try not to look so smarmy while you do it.


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