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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dear Corporate Network Admin:

To: Corporate ISC

Re: Ticket # *************


Dear Corporate Network Admin:

Thank you for monitoring my network. Since it is now imperative that we keep a high speed connection open due to the off sight structure of our enterprise network, I appreciate you letting me know when our network is experiencing difficulty.

I would also like to thank you for sending me a voice mail letting me know. Since the new system, you know the system you are in charge of, converts voice mail to comparatively large email attachments, I should be getting that right after you fix the problem.

In addition, it was cool that you locked down the email system so I have not access to these messages though any other internet enabled device. I mean security over function I always say.

I know no one ever takes the time to thank you guys, so once again thanks. I mean I am just sitting here anyway.

PS sorry if you get this after the ticket was resolved, my network is down and my messenger pigeon is out for mandatory ethics training.



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