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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Am The Most Findingest SOB Ever

I told you I am obsessive.

Today at the park, I found the Knife.

It was getting dark, I was retracing my steps for the fourth day in a row while on the daily dog run. There it was on the foot path sticking out of the ice. There must have been 50 foot prints with in feet of the thing. Gator tracks, pet and animal tracks… and yet I found it. Others may have found it because once found I could not get it out of the ice. Seriously it was under an inch of ice on the one end. You see on Sunday, the day after I lost it, it got really warm and everything was slushy, and then it got super cold. This encased it in the ice Han Solo/carbonite style, it took me 10 min chipping it out of the ice, in the dark, with the substitute case knife that I have been carrying.

4 days in the park, sitting in the snow, encased in ice… and walking out of the park it was in my jacket pocket again… just like my dream… weird.

I am one lucky bastard.


At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wrote a huge long thing about MCL 750.227 CCW FELONY and how it relates to knives and how you should not carry a knife in your jacket pocket anyway but accidentally deleted it oh well.


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