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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Holiday Shoping Season

With the holiday shopping season closing in fast, many will be looking for a "deal" on a TV. What good is it to spend your hard earned money on a TV that turns out to b a dud. Here is a great article from that every one about to by a set should look at:

Giz Explains: How to Buy an HDTV Like a Pro

The economy sucks. But like Warren Buffett, you should be greedy when everyone else is skurred. If you've got the extra scratch, this is probably the best holiday season ever to buy an HDTV, since retailers don't want a pile of them going obsolete in their warehouse. But what should you look for in an HDTV? HD Guru Gary Merson—a dude who's reviewed 125 TVs at once—uses sophisticated gear for his own studies, but told us the five most important things that all the rest of us Joe the Plumber types can look out for when buying an HDTV.

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