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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cool Tools: Evernote

Sometimes you run across something that is really useful.

For me *evernote* is one of those things. Briefly it is an online place to store, notes, pictures, files whatever you want. Not really like a flicker account to share but like an extension of you memory. Usually these things don’t work so well, but this one is AWESOME.

Here is what is really cool about it: your at Lowes, you want to remember the dimensions of something say like a new sink, but you don’t want to write it down. You snap a photo and hit the evernote button (or if online you just “clip” it to evernote) and you forget about it.

Two months later you are at home, trying to remember the dimensions, you pull up evernote and type in “sink” and it searches you photos/notes/files for anything to do with sink. And bingo you have your photo in front of you. The trick is YOU DON’T HAVE TO LABEL IT because it can read the text EVEN HANDWRITING from the untouched photo and it flippen works perfectly.

Now you can see the photo you snapped, the price, the dimensions, the color. Everything.

So run with this idea: business cards, wine labels, anything you would want to recall later and holy shit you have something pretty damn awesome. Although this works best with some smart phones you don’t need one for this to be a pretty awesome tool.

Best for last: its free. The basic service is anyway. But if you get into it and find your usage exceeds the allotted free limit then you probably will be willing to pay the small fee.


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