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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bad luck

Seem to have had a slight run of bad luck lately.

I mentioned we have been getting a lot of rain, but worse than the rain is the power surges that can be caused by the weather and other factors. Yesterday I came home to the acrid smell of electrical burning. I went all over the house and I found the modem/router was out but could not find the source of the smell. I was worried as that smell is never good. Checking the power did not make me feel better as my Fluke meter showed 150 volts ac coming into the home, every plug had to much juice (should be 120).

A quick run over to the neighbors showed they were having the same problem… with similar small items going out. (and my meter still reading 150 volts ac)

Finally I realized our furnace was out, and sure enough when the power surged it ate my transformer. The smell was from the transformer that bit it hard.

One cold night later, new transformer, and $200 lighter wallet. Still waiting for Edison to fix the power coming in.
*** ret my call from after hours message I left***
DTE: Edison, did you call regarding low power?
Me: Yes, yes I did, but I don’t have LOW power, I have TO MUCH volts coming in.
DTE: To much?
Me: Yes you phone message does not list an option for too much power. I hit to little but it needs to be fixed I show 150 volts coming out of every socket. Not telling you your job but both neighbors showing similar problems so its likely outside.
DTE: OK we will send someone out.

**** UPDATED****

DTE: Hi were are at your house you called about Low voltage?
Me: Yes, but really its HI voltage, not low I explained this to them earilier.
DTE: Oh, well I will check your meter
Me: Yes and check the neighbors becase I dont think I am the only home affected.
DTE: We will let you know what we find out.

*** call back***

DTE: Mr ***** ?
Me: Yes
DTE: I show you and your neighbor are getting 151 volts, thats to high.
Me: Really!?
DTE: Yep I will have to get an overhead crew out here.
Me: Thanks...


At 8:02 AM, Blogger Andrew said...

That's shocking! I hope they get it corrected before it causes any major damage.

At 8:25 AM, Blogger Beano said...

I see what you did there with you clever word play...

Seriously its finally fixed now. I had to "rig" something for the cable modem but other than the furnace I think I will be ok.

On the other hand I say a furnace guy at the neighbors house this morning so apparently I am not the only one.


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