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Friday, May 22, 2009

Somewhere just north of highway 2

In Michigan's UP Just east of forest highway 13 between Escanaba and
Manistique lies a stretch of Sturgeon river that will always have a
special meaning to me.
It's not where I caught my biggest fish or where I caught the most
fish but rather a place where my memories of youth met my adult life
and where a fly rod and a canoe and the company of a good friend were
all I needed to have a great adventure.
I can remember the day as it as yesterday...100 years ago. It was a day
of beauty and of strife. A day of rainbow trout and black flies. It
was the day full of fun and lessons and stories like the giant spider
I will likely tell for the rest of my life.
It was that day I lost my favorite dry fly a tied bee similar to the
picture except with tiny feather wings. I have been looking for a
replacement for that fly for over, my god it's been over 10 years now
and I have just not been able to find just the right one.
This week it all came back to me when I was looking through a
selection of flies at Colton Bay Outfitters in Ann Arbor. I asked and
they looked at me like I was asking for something awful and sugested I
check at Meijers as they carry a foam rubber One I might like. Yeah
right, thanks guys.
I will likely still look for that exact bee for another 10 years or
more until I find the right one. I guess I really just should be happy it
brings back a flood of memories each time. I guess some things are
meant to be remembered fondly and not reproduced.


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