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Monday, August 03, 2009

What is it about Mondays.

What is about Mondays that brings out the stupid in people?

Today alone:

Crazy Doctor man who is *convinced* we bill him purposely late so that he will cancel. Yes, just you, we target you to look bad. Just in case you have a loss. Coo Coo.

Woman who swears we should tell the court she had coverage because she sent the money in... we just never got it. Complete with sketchy story and scattered nonsensical paper work. Nice. (PS having the court call us was a good touch, same answer, but good touch way to carry it too far)

Man that completely does not understand what he was talking about. You don't even really understand the question you are asking do you? Really, nothing that resembled sense at all. Thank you for that dose of crazy.

Woman that does not sign her check. Really, you sent the money in, then forgot to sign.... Oops . I am sure that was just an accident. Here is a funny fact, I am just going to cash it anyway and if if bounces, you don't have coverage. Let me give you the other ladies number, let her tell you how well that worked out for her.

All before lunch... you guys really do love me! Thanks so much, you made me loose my appetite. That's ok because I have waititing on the line:

1) I dont understand why my bill went up guy, with extra chip on his shoulder.
2) Forget about the house I said I was supposed to buy, made you do all that work on, I walked away from that deal and have a completely differnt home that I need by (as soon as possible) woman.



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