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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Meanwhile.... back at the park

While Tanner and I were walking at the park we ran into this praying mantis. Some would say its good luck to find one. Maybe they are right, for me I don't know.

For Tanner, it was a slight distraction from chasing birds. For me it was a slight distraction from the billion things rattling around in my brain. Its funny how a dogs perspective is only slightly different and yet worlds away.

So I took this picture for my nephew Gabriel, I was going to take the bug home for him but decided against it. Too early in the walk, and this little guy was to way to scared of me to let me take him trying desperately to get out of my hands. For me it was a slight inconvenience to get him back to the truck . For the mantis, it was struggle for life and death.

As I walked away I thought...Its funny how a bugs perspective is worlds apart, but really only slightly different. In the end I guess it was good luck for the Mantis running into me as I decided not to take him


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