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Saturday, November 14, 2009

M Go Blue: Michigan Vs Winsonsin

This week the Wolverines travel to Wisconsin to take on the Badgers in what can only be described as a must win for the Rodriguez and the boys and more than bowl eligibly is on the at this point. The inevitable rumbles of discontent can be heard throughout Ann Arbor as the Wolverines have lost 5 of the last 6 games the fast start to the season is all but forgotten as the fickle fans voice their .

But we have out work cut or for us. A lousy 1-5 big ten record this year, and out seeming difficulty to win on the road are not helping. Throw in our poor second half performance and you get a recipe for disaster.

Yet there is hope.

Wisconsin has shown chinks in its armor, winning but allowing teams a chance in the second half. No to mention that there similar playing style better matches up with what we bring to the table then say… Purdue (not to bring up last weeks disaster). Finally you have to believe that the Michigan program is hungry, and will com prepared.

I am not going to predict a score since I got slapped last week… but I will say this:

I remain hopeful and truly believe that this is a winnable game.


Final note: I think out best chance of winning is to stick with Tate Forcier, and leave Denard Robison for third quarter victory rotation. Just my opinion.


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Son of a beetch!


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