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Monday, December 14, 2009


A local story about a time capsule from 1989 was in the news. Apparently it was opened in 2009 20 year later and the kids got to see things from 20 years ago. It was all pretty much lame, pizza hut coupon, and other BS. But the following was interesting:
The children's imaginations ran wild when they were asked what they thought the children of the 2029 class would put in.
"Speed shoes that has a keyboard built into it. You type in where you want to go, then you hit go and take one step and it transports you there," said one bright-eyed student.
Its touching really, I remember 1989 and while I had a cell phone, it was literally a brick in a bag. I was progressive, I had a laptop... it was a Packard Bell and it had a black and white screen.

So what do I get out of all of that:

Photo cred to Philipp Klinger



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