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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Further proof my Printer is EVIL:

I don’t wan to beat this thing to death but after the last printer incident I ended up just switching out printers and all was good.

By “all was good” I mean after wading though about an hour of uninstalling/reinstalling enterprise self install utilities, I had a working printer again. Sort of, I still could not use the paper tray lid but whatever it was working.

For a while.

Today my new printer took a giant steaming dump on my productivity again just like that last one. Same make an model, what did I expect (I only have so many “approved” printer choices here at work where they keep all this shit locked down as if printer drivers were national secrets). Like an evil twin channeling itself through the good twin it took only a week for this one to start eating pages like they are Pringles out of a can.

I am at wits end, and am starting to see evil printers around each dark corner lurking in wait for the most in-appropriate time to jump me and f-up my day.

Seriously, I am going to start etching into stone tablets soon.


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