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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Random Tuesday Observations:

I have not gone off on a rant in a while. I really really really tried to be nice, but it just did not work out. Here goes (deep breath):


I want to put the utilities back in my name from my Tenants. First you tell me its shut off and I have to go there in three days to get it turned back on. You cant tell me when it was shut off ? The account was not in my name? Fine…. But when I call you back, with the current account holder and she is standing there, with the lights on and the gas running... I am pretty sure they are not off. No her apt so shut off was for later today, so can we just fix it? Sure is only took half hour for you to agree.

Me: So its the utilities will stay on and switch to my name:

DTE: Yes

Me: So we are all set.

DTE : Yes, they will see you on Thursday.

Me: Wait, you said I only have to be there if they were shut off.

DTE : That’s right,

Me: you said they will not be shut off.

DTE: that is correct

Me: Do you see where I am going here, not shut off so why do I have to go there?

DTE: Because the computer says you have to?

Me: OK help me out here. Lets try this, If I call back later, will the computer confirm I DON’T have to be there.

DTE: Possibly

Me: Terrific. For sure, you are saying utilities will not be shut off in this transition.

DTE: Yep.

CVS Pharmacy:

If I buy two things from you, and my receipt is two feet long.. something is seriously wrong. Who is the mental midget who thought this was a good idea. Sure that .50 cents off 50 digital pictures is really helpful but LAY OFF THE PAPER ALREADY. Apple does a lot of things wrong but emailing me a receipt is the best invention EVR. PS I hear you can email crappy coupons too… just a thought.

Re: Wiki how: feeling a loss after your favorite show cancels? Here is some tips to cope.

Seriously? Here is a tip: Get over it. Get your ass on off the couch you watch to much TV anyway. Its freaking summer, go outside for Pete’s Sake.

Re: Bitchy clients

I am sorry that you are canceled, its is because (circle the one that best fits your situation)

You committed fraud.
You did not pay.
You are other-wise not eligible.

Please do not take it personal. Just (stop being felonious/pay/stop driving like you own the road) and likely the problem will take care of itself. And now you are yelling… I hope this is making you feel better beacase yelling is not helping you. At least I am making sense. Tell you what call me back Thursday between 8-12 I will be glad to talk to you in detail.



At 10:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG...I hate DTE...they tell you something different everytime you call...even as far as different balances...two hrs later...HMMM I totally agree w/u on the long receipt paper...come on... Possibly save a tree already!!! LOL

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Beano said...

It got worse with them yesterday (DTE)


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