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Monday, August 16, 2010

Spooky movie night....

From the randomly spooky file....

Last night the girls and I watched Shutter Island.
On its own, its kind of a scary movie, but last night something weird happened.

During the scariest part while watching the movie, the volume just went up to max. That was odd, so I turned it down. Suddenly and unexpectedly, again, it went from 12 to MAX (over 30). So I turned it down again. Again it went up, right when the music was at his scariest, this time it was uncanny.

I tuned all the remotes away from the TV, just in case a button was stuck, removed batteries...and still it went up to max.

My suggestion that a ghost was in the room did not go over so well and was met with groans of protests from them both.

I am not sure if in the end my manipulations fixed it, or if the ghost grew bored and left but as suddenly as it started it stopped.

I guess we may never know.

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