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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I have been off the Mark all Day....

Things I have learned today:

1) I'm going to Screama if I have to call FEMA again. Seriously. I don't like them.

2) No matter how mad you think someone will get, they can always take it to a newer, more vein bursting level.

3) As f*d up and complicated as you think the problems its probably way worse then you thought. No really from where you are at, you cant even see the real problem yet.

4) If you automate a maddeningly complicated process, when something goes wrong it will seriously blow up. Like death star, planet destroying blow up. Automation means you do loose some measure of control, just remember that.

5) The higher up a person is in the decision making process, the less likely they are able to make a decision that makes sense more then 1 foot away from a ledger sheet.



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