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Monday, March 21, 2011

Of Dreams and Dreaming...

I don't know if it is because I have been tired or the lack of drinking or the spicy food but I have had vivid detailed dreams lately. That in itself is not entirely new what is new it that I have no problem remembering them in detail.
The Girl would say that that is not new either because many times I will describe part of my dream to her in detail but usually its only fragments and the rest is lost soon after waking.
This morning I could have recited my entire dream. Not just the entire dream but several dreams I could remember over the course of the night. I did wake a couple of times between the dog coming and going due to the thunder, the thunder itself and sleep came in waves and as a consequence so did the dreams.
I could fill this space with the dreams but I wont go on and on instead I will just give the you the general theme: frustration. Frustration and anger. Hmmmm...
 An elevator like this was prominent in one dream located in the building I was working in and just getting it to go to the floor I wanted was a chore.
Honestly I just need to get to bed earlier.



At 3:40 AM, Anonymous cams said...

People dreamed cos of reasons first cos of tiredness; second cos of the unconscious thought would not accept the reality and they only evolved in your dream. lastly cos of the fact that you were not aware of the things that kept inside yourself and you don't want it to accept.


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