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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cloud Living : the Google Path

I have had mixed feelings about this whole iOS to Android move with the new phone.
The Atrix does seem a little, well glitchy at times. It shut off once by itself when I was waiting for a call. It also failed to recognize the fingerprint reader forcing me to re-boot. I cant say that the iPhone never needed to re-boot, because it did. It just seems android is not as polished. I know everyone says that but if you use both you will know what I mean.
On the other hand the Android experience is for lack of a better word, an experience. I have grown to love the finger-print unlock (a Motorola Artix only feature I believe) button. It is quick and easy and hard to remember why I unlocked my phone any other way before. The hardware although slightly lighter and some less sturdy feeling is snappy and responsive even when I am Streaming HD video out to my flat screen TV, While playing music and downloading something in the background.Sure I can hear the battery humming but that puppy screams performance. All this is nice but the real power behind a smartphone is the software, so how is that?

What really got me is the farther down the Google path I go the more interconnected things become.  I was using Google calendar before but now its my main calendar. I had a Google voice number set up, but never really did much with it.
Suddenly things are different. Free from the constraints of iTune syncing suddenly my word seems (almost) effortlessly together.
This morning was a great example. I have to tell you first that the first gen iPhone has not gone away. I am basically using it as an alarm clock/ iPod touch. It works exceedingly well in the charging dock on my night stand it is a great, dead simple alarm that I can pick up and check my email or play Angry birds on. iPhone first gen my not run all the newest software but it still is chugging along.  Besides my old alarm clock just died so it was perfect timing. With that in mind as I was getting up this morning my "clock" chirped. It had already woke me up so what now? It was to reminded me I had to pick up my mother at the dealer today as she was getting her oil changed. I stood there looking at it, blinking, how the hell did it do that. Then I realized that my Google calendar had synced over the wifi and because I had asked the iPhone check Google events (a long time ago) there it was reminding me... pick up your mother.  It had already sent a reminder to my work outlook calendar and well look at that: cross platform syncing over multiple platforms with minimal effort... who knew?
I grabbed the phone and not only was there a reminder there also, but as I was walking out I could SEE a voice-mail transcribed and scrolling across my screen thanks to Google voice and the corresponding widget on my Android phone. Huh... handy, I thought. I jumped in the truck my Bluetooth audio stream kicked in right where I had left off... nice. Three miles down the road the music was interrupted and the the phone rang. It was my mother making sure I was on the way. The Ford Snyc, gently stopped the music, took the call over the hands free connection built into the vehicle, and when I was done picked up again where I left off. Effortless. George Jetson eat your heart out.

To be honest, the iPhone did a lot of this also.Let face it: my morning was a bunch of platforms working together, iOS, Android, MS Office, Ford Snyc and more.  I  just seems freeing that the iTunes has been taken out of the equation and the bottom line Android just works better with Google: Calendar, Mail, Voice and Maps. I almost cringe to say it but 'it just works".
Maybe this it would be different if I was rocking a Mac at home/office as my main computing platform. I am not. So for me, so far, the farther down the Google path I go the more I like it. A little scary at times (like pulling contact info from facebook) , but also nice. Almost familiar. Most of all helpful in a " I don't have to fight with my phone or software" kind of way.
So far, so good as they say. I am hoping that this continues to be a positive experience but for now I guess I am all in. We will see how it all plays out. God help us all if the cloud goes down.

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