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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Cool Gear: The Hover Bike

Mark this day.
This is the day when cool gear has reached its pantheon.
What you see here is the hover bike. You can read more about it *here* but really this is all you need to know.
I want one. I want one. I want one.
When I saw it I… I wanted one. Later I thought about it I wanted it more. Much later I was still thinking about it… I wanted it more.
I goes over 170 mph, 10,000 feet and screams awesome.  Sure the Girl thinks I’m nuts but lets face it, I am. Hell I even kind of like the way she doesn’t even sugar coat it. The Hover bike is awesome. Sure its not out yet, but it will be. If not I will just make one. I am not kidding, I will have one.
Is this the future of travel? Maybe. I will I have one? Definitely.
PS: I thought about it some more: I want one.

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