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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

My newest obsession: Zombieland 2 iPad

Speaking of blasting things for fun my newest fun obsession is Zombieland 2 for iPad. This simple shooter takes my need to blast things with a shotgun (or flamethrower and many points in between) to a virtual world of surprising complexity.

Here the uprising has happened and its up to you and your motley cast of characters to put a small dent in the madness by shooting first and asking questions later.
Repetitive? A little.
Juvenile? Most certainly.
Time annihilating? Without a doubt.
This game is just shiny enough to hold my attention long enough for me to blast my way through my bed time. No pun intended.
At .99 cents its hard to pass up entertainment like that.

Check out the trailer *here* or you can find it in the app store if you like.

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