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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

AMC Javelin +007

Today, I ran in to a real AMC Javelin…Ala James Bond “Man With The Golden Gun” you never see these things so I snapped a quick shot.

I had to look it up to be sure but I was positive this was the car that did the super spiral jump over the river to try and catch up with the bad guys.

Turns out.. I was right.

Here are some notes I found on the a web site DVD summary:

The special features of this disc show the origins of the stunt (the 'Astro-Spiral') as a thrill-show event using a 1972 AMC Javelin. Using no tricks of photography, the very real stunt has yet to be surpassed.

Just another quick note… most people think that he jumped with the AMC Hornet that he was driving but when they cut from the chase scene to the jump, I believe they switch to the Javelin…. Check it out.


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