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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Was it a year already?
Another year and Lent is upon us again.
Those who know me know this only means one thing.
Even though my reasons are more my own: no drinking.
Remaining true to this one respite has been a good test.

Without it, I am not sure where I would stand.
A long time ago, Lent meant nothing to me.
This changed along with my fathers passing and that of a good friend.
Even though I have done this for years it remains important to me.
Ridicules as this may seem, faced with the frustrations of life, this helps.

Everyone sees things differently, but here is my opinion.
Vacation from drinking is not really a bad idea, more people should try it.
Engaging as some peoples excuses are, many people drink to much.
Really, this is ironic as the consequences for drinking are severe.
Yet people continue to push the envelope.
When people try and force people with laws, it makes things worse.
Honestly, I think a change in perception would be the way to go.
Encased within a better policy of tolerance and understanding.
Remove all the crazy low DUI/BAC/regulations.
Entrust the public, and punish only the truly out of control.


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