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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Of Fire and Ice

Nothing like being called by your Tenants in the middle of the night to be told that your neighbors (attached town home) is on fire. Luckily the fine local fire department did a bang up job and quickly stopped the fire from spreading into my place. Smoke damage seems to be the worst of it… although the city shut off the GAS and WATER to the entire building… um its -20 deg below (last night no kidding) you cant just shut the heat off to my building w/o the pipes bursting…. Come on guys….

So due to some quick thinking on my part some pipes drained and an impromptu space heater setup in the basement, broken pipes were not added to the list of things to fix.

Is should be a couple days worth of cleanup… we will see how I goes. Current Status: uninhabitable.

The culprit? All signs point to a faulty, and recently installed I might add, bathroom exhaust fan in the neighbors bath.


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