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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Reduce Stess - Dont Drive

Dear MDOT:

We know that here in Michigan the roads (like everything else) are run down and in some serious repairs.

On the other hand taking a stretch of us 23 NB near m36 without considering proper traffic flow ramifications is nothing short of genius. Seriously you could not have just done lane extension to keep the traffic flowing… no that would be easy.

Here is an idea too, make sure you Disable the m36 off ramp but keep the m36 on ramp open so that incoming traffic that has been waiting for “0” minutes mixes at the head of the back up with people on US 23 waiting for say …. A FREEKING HOUR. I am sure the cool and collected heads of Michigan drivers will treat this situation with the same kind of consideration they always do. Besides it ok that I am just sitting there buring gas, gas is so cheap anyway.

Anyway thanks again for a job well done. Clearly at 4 in the morning traffic must be just whisking along w/o a care.


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