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Monday, October 15, 2007

I Phone VS. Nokia N80 Real World review.

OK I have lived with the iPhone for a while now, and here are some observations.

I love the iPhone, but I do miss my Nokia. I love the apple web browsing, but I MISS the way better Nokia camera. I like the Apple form factor, but I miss not having to worry about dropping it and being able to throw it into my pocket.

I find writing direct to the blog with the iPhone, is EASIER, but I would give a virtual testicle to send an MMS from the iPhone. The calendar is better on the iPhone but I miss the Nokia video and voice memo capability. The interface on the Apple is slightly faster, but I hear the new simbian UI on the Nokia N95 is better. Finally I have to admit that after getting used to it I like the virtual iPhone keyboard. Its not perfect but better than the old multi-tap T9 method even with the best predictive text. However I thought Nokia was bad with the hard to find free themes compared to Sony Ericsson, but getting anything free from Apple is like taking backdated stock profits from a baby.

Popular Science has an article here where they totally trounce the Apple in favor of the Nokia N95. I am far more gracious toward the iPhone, but I have to tell you as much as I live the iPhone, and sometimes I just really love it and the attention it brings, but honestly I miss the s understated Nokia. Honestly , I am more confused than ever.

Sure I could just pop the sim card back in the Nokia, but how inconvenient is that. Meanwhile I am sticking with the iPhone. Which I loveā€¦ Damn Apple.


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