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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Good Morning

There is a small window in time every year where summer is waning and the smell of fall starts to creep in during the cooler mornings here in Michigan. It’s a special time where then lawn doesn’t need to be mowed every week as growth slows down to prepare for winters dormancy and the leaves have not quite turned yet and have not even thought about falling. It’s a time where Football is in the air, and the shorter days are just beginning to be noticeable, it can be 90 or 50 degrees, sunny or rainy or all four in one day… its called September.

September is a special month for me for several reasons. One thing is we are blessed enough to live within walking distance of the Local Farmers Market At the market, just like a refection of the weather, you can still see summer flowers and produce but you start to see the fallish items trickle in… gourds and pumpkins and the like. Better yet, actual farmers, selling there actual produce and local bakers, beekeepers and more.

Today we got up early before I went into the office walked with the dog down and bought some fresh produce and some flowers. Things I will be missing in just a few short months as the market is only open through October.


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