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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Safest Place on Earth This Sunday? Detroit?

Or the most dangerous place, or some where in-between. According to a “local” news channels broadcast, the dept of homeland security is dropping a two million dollar check for local and state authorities to purchase hi tech equipment for Sundays game. Here is a direct quote: “… and the best thing is after the game, we get to keep all the goodies.”

Sweeeet pull Detroit!

What are they buying? According to the story: new equipment for squad cars, including high tech touch screen in dash computer system, but also BLACKBERRY’S for the people on foot that they all but touted as “indispensable”. That’s great but don’t they know soon they might become expensive paperweights of that patent infringement case goes through? I guess if it keeps us safe… its worth it no matter the cost right?

How about this… today in engadget ( and about a million other sites they are even touting other hi-tech gadgety items that would make James Bond drool including but not limited to : LifeVision3D holographic technology.

What is this? You might ask. Well according to one source:

“The applications range from face-recognition to underwater detection. They are based on three-dimensional full-motion holography. Two light streams, discrete left eye and right eye signals, are transmitted into Intrepid's platform that projects on a holographic screen.”- Digital Tech News.

Whoo–eeee that’s some bad ass stuff from a little manufacture in Birmingham I might add. The best part of this super top secret thingy do-hickey… its all over the net. Really look it up.

Here are some links for you:

Digital Tech News article about that Who-Who Dilly:

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