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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Robot dog vs real dog?

According to an article from PC Magazine (UK) , I have the link for you below, robot pets are starting to get cool enough to edge out the real thing. Cool is not the correct word but rather sophisticated would be a better one.

Robots like the SONY AIBO are so sophisticated, its is starting to fool people into feeling like they have the living breathing thing around.

Skeptical? Me too, but I have to tell you these things are getting very awesome. No matter how great they get though, I want to see one come sit by you put their head on your leg and look up at you with those big eyes.

If you go by the guy rule, the bigger the mess, the better the fun the robot has a way to go, I mean that thing does not look exactly waterproof now does it?

Better yet, I’ll get one when they make them bad ass enough that they can scare the pizza boy right off the porch buy running up to the screen door barking like Tanner can.

Here is the Sony link


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