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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cool Stuff volume 4- digital camera bliss

First and foremost… photo cred to

I was looking for a Sony camera for Barb G last night, and I came across the Sony Cyber Shot DSC-N1.

While Cnet gave this camera a measly 6.6 out of 10 I found that the 8 mega pixel offering was awesome, although I have not touched one yet. Other reviews I have seen offer a much higher opinion:

Here is Cnets take:

3x optical zoom… eeehh ok no so impressive

But you can view those big beautiful mega pixel photos on a big beautiful touch screen, yes TOUCH SCREEN in fact most of the controls are accessed by a really slick menu based interface right on the back of the screen. Sharing pictures could not be eaiser and more impressive when you whip this baby out and turn it around.

Check out this other review I found….

This kind of stuff makes me want to get a new camera every year (6 months)

Damn you technology for being so enticing….


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