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Friday, November 06, 2009

Droid Fever: The "gPhone" is loose, and Motorola is back baby! (maybe)

Well today’s the day that Droid Dropped, and I have to tell you there was a certain buzz in the air.

Last night I had myself half convinced that I was going to the local Verizion store and even and an “inside man” ready to set one aside in case of a sell out.

For a variety of reasons, it did not happen.

I am off contract and itching to by a new toy, so what is the hold up? What stopped my from buying the “gPhone”?

1) I have been burnt before, hello iPhone price break. Even though I did not get in on the initial fleecing, The Girl paid more for my first gen then the new 3GS now is.

2) There are bound to be glitches. Lets face it… its NEW, let others work out the problems.

3) Money! Ok so 199.00 is almost reasonable, but $299 with 100 rebate gift card not so much. Some e-tailers are offering instant rebates but let’s face it with out instant gratification this does not work for me.

4) The camera Sucks? It may be a firmware away from rocking but this is now a generation of savvy “super phone” buyers. I want a rocking experience out of the box. Camera is one of my top reasons for getting this phone, but if all its getting is “Meh.. its ok” count me out.

5) We are not the naïve super phone buyer of yore, Apple has made us all grow up in one way or another. We want and awesome phone, not a phone with awesome potential.

So I wait.

I wait for the dust to settle. I wait for my techno lust to be slaked with the inevitable word that this is not the device it could "grow up" to be.

I wait, again, for my super gadget.




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