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Saturday, October 31, 2009

MGOBLUE: Michigan vs. Illinois

After last weeks lackluster performance at home we again take to show on the road. This time to Campaign to face Illinois on a windy Halloween day contest. With last weeks defeat fresh in our minds, and lasts years loss 45-20 loss to the fighting Illini this could be a season saving win with three tough opponents left of the schedule.
Michigan has yet to win on the road, so a win away from the familiar comforts and crowd support of the Big house could quite the critics and show that this program is indeed moving ahead.
This could be a loss and start a slow slide into a bad ending to the season that once held so much promise.

Here and now, at week nine, this game and its significance comes into stunning clarity. This game is important for the team, important for the fans, and maybe most important for this programs future.

With the painful loss of David Molk, we will have to be extra sharp on our executions, and maybe most of all work on not turning over the ball that was, in my opinion, what really kept us out of last weeks contest.

I like out chances in this game, and remain ever hopeful the boys will make us proud today.


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